Yaay! It's Peony Season Again


These large romantic blooms surrender delicious fragrances through out their season, which lasts from mid May through to July.

Peonies can be found in many luscious colours from deep reds to creamy and pure whites, bright corals to subdued apricot and peaches, stunning fuchsia colours to blossom pinks.

There are two main groups of Peonies, the herbaceous and the tree peonies. The herbaceous peonies are most familiar perennial, producing single and double flowers growing to around 3 feet. There are hundreds of cultivated varieties of peonies and are commonly found in British gardens. 

Tree Peonies have permanent wooden stems and can grow to 6 feet tall. They are more shrub like and need much warmer and dryer conditions in which to grow. Their blooms tend to be red, lilac, white and violet. 

Born to Bloom